Welcome Suppliers

Welcome Suppliers

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Columbia Gas Account Number (PCID)

The eight digit customer account numbers (PCID) have reached the maximum number of customer account number combinations that can be assigned with 1 and will now began assigning customer account numbers beginning with a 2.

Please check the process(es) you have with our company to ensure a customer with an account number starting with 2 will process through your system.

If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to your assigned Transportation or Choice                Specialist(s).

Columbia has implemented new features in the Aviator System to improve your customer experience.

New features include:

1) New Reduced Nominations screen to show the reduced nominations for a selected gas date and cycle.

2) Custom Reduced Nomination notices sent out every time the Confirmation notice is sent. The new custom notice will provide you with which contracts were reduced and to what quantity.

3) Custom Non-Compliance notices sent out every time the Confirmation notice is sent. The new non-compliance notice provides Choice/SCO agents with which contracts are out of compliance for their Demand Curve and City Gate restrictions.


This website is designed for our gas suppliers' use. If you are a customer interested in CHOICE information, please visit our customer website.