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What's New


Columbia Gas of Massachusetts has been receiving a significant number of inquiries from Capacity Exempt (Grandfathered) customers who are looking to come back to the utility before this winter. But Columbia Gas, like all the other Massachusetts Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), has not been allowed to plan for the supply needs of these customers. That responsibility has remained with their third party gas suppliers.

Since the other Massachusetts LDCs are experiencing similar interest from their capacity exempt customers, the LDCs got together to file an Emergency Petition with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, asking for the ability to plan for the return of some of these customers. Details are in the attached filing.

The MA DPU has ruled on the filing and has rejected the plan to solicit customers, but will allow the LDCs to procure up to 30% of their capacity exempt design day load should customer interest warrant it. Any capacity exempt customer who returns to Default Service this winter will be required to remain on that service through April 30, 2015.

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts would appreciate any advance notice from third party suppliers. If you intend to send a capacity exempt customer back to Default Service, we’d appreciate an email to give us a jump on planning.